Our year in review

Our year in review

At Summer, our mission always comes back to helping borrowers. Looking back at 2021, we are proud of the impact we’ve made in a year that was full of change. Read on for the highlights.

It's all thanks to you

By the numbers



Total debt handled

That’s billions. This number represents thousands of individual borrowers, each with their own financial hopes and dreams.



Total borrower savings

Our claim to fame? Savings. Think of this number as our scorecard, and we believe we’re doing quite well.


Average annual borrower savings

Borrowers see meaningful savings, opening doors to life-enhancing areas like being able to afford a mortgage or build a family.

🌴  That’s a mortgage payment (or 248 piña coladas!)


Average projected forgiveness

Public service borrowers are finally receiving the forgiveness they deserve, faster, with the limited PSLF waiver. Sweet, sweet forgiveness.

“2021 was a year of great uncertainty for student loan borrowers. I am proud of Summer for serving as a source of truth and a lifeline for so many people in need of repayment assistance. As we reflect on a year of change, we want to thank every borrower we've helped and our many partners for trusting us with their plans for a debt-free future. Looking ahead to 2022, we have set our sights on achieving $1 billion in loan savings for borrowers. Onward and upward!”

Will Sealy, CEO and Co-Founder

Borrower savings spotlight

Nicole W.

AFT Member, Ohio
Total Forgiveness
🥳   We helped Nicole submit an updated employment certification form under the new limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver.
"The Summer program has changed my life which means 'CREDIT' score by a whopping 70 points! Five more years of stress have been eliminated with the PSLF waiver! I am forever grateful, I have GREAT CREDIT now! Didn’t really see paying $145K+ off in this lifetime without winning the lottery."

Nicole W.

AFT Member, Ohio
Past Monthly Payments
New Monthly Payments
Total Forgiveness
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt magna aliqua.”

"Tens of thousands of our members are using Summer, putting them on track to an average of $180/month and $57,000 in lifetime savings via income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Summer’s team has made launching this tool easy for everyone, and they are quick to collaborate with us on new creative solutions to help our members save money."

Alyssa Picard, Director, American Federation of Teachers
$37,000 forgiven for Meghan
$121,000 forgiven for Jody
$37,000 forgiven for Meghan

Scaling successes

128% borrower growth

The real reward of 2021? Seeing more borrowers, each with their own financial goals and stories, get the savings and forgiveness they deserve.

158% increase in submissions

With new borrowers come new form submissions. This year, Summer helped more borrowers cross the forgiveness finish line by making submissions simpler with technology and a human touch (namely, our Borrower Success team).

Our team grew and grew

What does it take to scale a team? A whole lot of coffee, a supportive environment and vibrant company culture. As the team grows, our commitment to borrowers is stronger than ever.

Greater integration options

After years of building a leading digital platform, this year marked an expansion into integrated options including an API suite and widgets. Tech talk aside, this means more possibilities for more organizations to unlock savings for those they serve.

Summer fun, all year round

Ask a student loan expert:

Karishma's top tips

How should I plan for 2022?
Federal student loan payments resume in February, which means individuals and businesses should start plannning today. And for those navigating PSLF, the limited waiver period ends next October.
What’s the deal with spam calls lately?
My team hears about spam calls (and texts) daily! Send Summer a note to verify student loan calls that sound fishy and always contact your servicer directly.
How can I navigate loan servicer changes?
2021 was a major year for servicer closures, affecting millions of borrowers. Be sure to download all documentation related to your loans so you’re covered no matter what.
To borrowers, from borrowers

We're supporting the Thurgood Marshall College Fund this season

This year, instead of our usual holiday greeting, we're donating to a worthy cause. It's our way of giving back after another great year, and we couldn't have done it without our incredible partners and borrowers.

Help us help more borrowers save

Help us help more borrowers save

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