Student loan payments have resumed
Most borrowers owe a crushing $400 per month. Help your employees meet the moment and rest easy with priority implementation by Summer. Schedule time with a solutions expert to learn more.

Simplify and save on your student loans

Our technology analyzes your student loans and provides customized recommendations. Plus, our team of experts provides hands-on support and guidance along the way.

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Tackle your student loan debt and reach your financial goals once and for alltrue impact

Summer is an online solution designed to help you navigate and reduce your student loans. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of individuals and the largest employers, Summer is with you every step of the way, from optimizing your repayment plan to determining forgiveness eligibility.


Average monthly IDR savings from Standard plan


Average forgiveness per eligible borrower


Satisfaction score for one-on-one support

We help borrowers enroll and stay on track

One and done, in moments

Sync your loans

It takes less than five minutes to check program eligibility. Syncing allows you to track all your loans in one central, automated and personalized dashboard.

Income-driven repayment, made easy

Lower your payments through free programs

Many borrowers are eligible for lower monthly payments through income-driven repayment plans, down to $0 depending on your income!

Even if your payments are currently paused, Summer can help lock in lower payments today past the payment freeze.

Refinancing options and guidance

Become debt-free faster

If your goal is to pay off your loans more quickly, Refinancing could be a great option for you. Our digital tools will walk you through the requirements and help you compare options.

And our Overpayments tool shows you the benefit of making extra payments by minimizing the interest paid over time.

Forgiveness enrollment and tracking

Find forgiveness options

For example, if you work in the public sector or at a nonprofit, our comprehensive Public Service Loan Forgiveness tool will help make sure you’re on track to have your debt forgiven after 10 years.

Depending on your career field and state of residence, you could qualify to have a portion of your remaining debt forgiven.

Double bottom line

Impact is part of our business model

Summer is a certified B Corporation, putting our borrowers at the center of everything we do. Summer is not a lender, bank or refinancing company. As an independent platform, we connect you to tailored options based on your individual loan situation and needs.

Build fast, launch faster

We're here to help you become debt-free

Our unique approach comes from years of experience working in student loan policy.
More importantly, we’re borrowers too. We know what it’s like to deal with student loan debt.

The power to rapidly change your financial profile

With Summer, a few clicks can lead to life-changing savings. Regardless of your loan situation, our digital tools can help.
💵 Increase savings
Enrolling in IDR could save you over $278 a month, allowing you to reach financial freedom faster
📈 Lifestyle boost
Find your student loan zen and direct savings to what matters most, from a first mortgage to car payment
💳 Improve credit score
Borrowers enrolled in select plans see their credit score increase a meaningful 5.6 points

Nicole W.

Teacher, Ohio
Total Forgiveness
🥳   We helped Nicole submit an updated employment certification form under the new limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver.
"The Summer program has changed my life which means 'CREDIT' score by a whopping 70 points! Five more years of stress have been eliminated with the PSLF waiver! I am forever grateful, I have GREAT CREDIT now! Didn’t really see paying $145K+ off in this lifetime without winning the lottery."
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How does Summer work?

We partner with organizations to offer Summer as an employee or member benefit.
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Matt Harrigan.
CEO, Company
“Student debt can be a real barrier for companies trying to recruit the best possible talent. Summer’s ability to reduce employees’ student debt is not only an effective recruiting tool, but it can also improve employee retention by tackling one of their biggest sources of financial strain.”
“My situation is frustratingly complex with many types of loans. It’s been remarkable to have Summer in my corner helping me with a customized plan, saving me nearly $20,000 this year! I couldn’t have done this alone.”
Corry P.

Hear from our borrowers

Three borrowers talk about their experience with Summer.
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