Unpacking the new Secure 2.0 provisions?

Student loans, meet your retirement match with Summer

The student loan provisions of Secure 2.0 have taken effect. Help your plan sponsors and participants meet the moment on day one with a smart, digital solution designed for end-to-end retirement match facilitation.

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Increase plan assets and participant financial wellbeing with a digital solutiontrue impact

Starting in 2024, qualifying student loan payments can be treated as elective deferrals for employer retirement matching contributions. Summer has digitized the employee enrollment and verification process – an offering 
that confirms qualifying student loans and payments with our technology and passes that information to recordkeepers and plan sponsors using customized, accurate and secure data formats.

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Average monthly IDR savings from Standard plan


Total projected lifetime savings for Summer members


Satisfaction score for one-on-one borrower support

Meet our suite of API solutionstrue impact

Implement our full suite or à la carte solutions based on your desired outcomes and inputs. Read on for a sampling of our student loan API offerings.
A faster path to realized savings


Automatically identify, quantify and present a path to lower monthly student loan payments with our scalable recommendations engine.

Precise recommendations at critical moments


Identify when and how much users saved and trigger notifications at that precise moment to drive conversion for other financial products like high-yield savings accounts, mortgages, and auto loans.

Precise recommendations at critical moments


Discover individuals who are most likely to qualify for private loan refinancing and allow them to submit an application to private student loan lenders in one click and present back real offers, all without leaving your platform.

Precise recommendations at critical moments

IDR Repayment Plan

Eliminate the friction points found in income-driven repayment (IDR) plans by providing users with personalized options and a simple path to enroll within your property.

Speed to market, speed to plan sponsor value

Implement Secure 2.0 lightning fast

Ensure that your plan sponsors can 
be the first to offer this benefit to their participants with digitized tools, rich data and hands-on support.

Unlocked savings today, more plan assets tomorrow

Help participants save today

Summer supports the enrollment 
and verification process and sends the relevant data to the recordkeeper to implement, making this a turnkey solution and engaging resource for participants on day one.

Because your scorecard is measured in decades

Build goodwill and lasting brand affinity

Not only will participants add to their retirement assets, our student loan optimization tools can help them save money and become debt-free faster.

Ready, set, implement Secure 2.0

Get to know how the Secure 2.0 student loan provisions will benefit your organization:
Secure 2.0 passed, changing retirement forever
Student loan matching provisions take effect January 1st, 2024, creating meaningful opportunities to engage plan sponsors and participants on their most pressing financial wellbeing category.
More participants can benefit
The new provisions level the playing field, allowing all borrowers making student loan payments to simultaneously build toward retirement, increasing financial wellbeing and resiliency.
How the Summer solution can help
Plan sponsors and recordkeepers will be tasked with adhering to new guidance and tax codes, setting up systems to manage contributions, and helping their participants navigate the change.


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Breanna R.
We helped Breanna and her benefits team manage their student loan program, from participant enrollment to reporting.
"We've had a fantastic experience working with Summer and offering the student loan repayment benefit to our employees. Our employees have been highly engaged with the benefit, and it has been well received as a valuable addition to our benefits package. Overall, we highly recommend Summer to any organization looking to offer a student loan repayment benefit to their employees." - Breanna, Human Resources
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