Unpacking the new Secure 2.0 provisions?

A complete digital student loan solution for employers

2023 is a landmark year for student loans. Help your employee population meet the moment with a trusted, secure and automated platform.

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A comprehensive education assistance solution trusted by HR teams everywheretrue impact

Summer is a cost-effective digital solution that helps your employees navigate and reduce student loan debt with proven technologies and a human touch. Implement anytime, even off-cycle.
Custom savings plans

Automate student loan assistance for your HR team and employees

Whether it’s paying off student loans more quickly through refinancing or lowering monthly payments via income-driven repayment, our technology analyzes student loan information and provides custom recommendations for all members.

Secure 2.0 Act support

Navigate Secure 2.0 with a smart, digital solution.

Summer facilitates tax-favorable matching contributions to your employee retirement plan by assessing student loan payment eligibility and passing relevant data to your recordkeeper.

Support at every level

Breathe easy knowing Summer has student loan experts on call

Our team of student loan experts is here for borrowers. With a 97% borrower satisfaction score, Summer members are in good hands.

End-to-end management

Alleviate tedious HR workflows

Summer manages the entire administrative process online, from sharing critical policy updates to submitting forms, helping members earn forgiveness and HR teams automate workflows.

Extensive digital offering

Meet employees where they are with impactful offerings

With student loan assistance becoming one of the most sought after benefits, Summer makes it easy for employers to help their teams achieve financial freedom with student loan contribution, tuition reimbursement, automated PSLF enrollment, income-driven repayment support, PTO conversion and more.

Time savings

Leave the policy homework to us

The Summer solution adapts to the ever-changing student loan landscape like providing members with the ability to check if they are eligible for forgiveness based on policy updates.

Double bottom line

Impact is part of our business model

Summer is a certified B Corp, putting our members at the center of everything we do. With Summer, the average borrower saves $282 per month.

How Summer workstrue impact

Summer takes a holistic approach to financial wellbeing that helps your employees manage their unique student debt journey online in minutes.

Summer supports all memberstrue impact

Summer helps leading organizations, from large enterprises to hospital systems, unlock the full potential of their employees by reducing the burden of student debt, regardless of financial situation.
🔍 Identify
Our proven technology scans hundreds of federal, state forgiveness and private refinancing options to help employees self-manage their student loans.
💵 Enroll
Employees can enroll in their personalized plan in minutes digitally and receive support every step of the way with access to live student loan experts.
💬 Support
We support the entire implementation process and beyond, making Summer a turnkey solution for you and an impactful resource for your employees.

Nicole W.

AFT Member, Ohio
Total Forgiveness
🥳   We helped Nicole submit an updated employment certification form under the new limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver.
"The Summer program has changed my life which means 'CREDIT' score by a whopping 70 points! Five more years of stress have been eliminated with the PSLF waiver! I am forever grateful, I have GREAT CREDIT now! Didn’t really see paying $145K+ off in this lifetime without winning the lottery."
The leading digital PSLF solution for nonprofit employers

Tap the Limited PSLF Waiver period for meaningful impact

Five more years of stress have been eliminated with the PSLF waiver! I am forever grateful, I didn’t really see paying $145K+ off in this lifetime without winning the lottery.
$148,967 forgiven
“Once I connected with Summer, I felt totally supported and confident. Within a few months, my $22,000 loan balance was forgiven – I can still barely believe it!”
$22,300 forgiven
“After trying for multiple years I finally have my loans paid in full. I definitely could not have accomplished this without the support and reassurance from the Summer Team.”
$56,736 forgiven

Hear from
our partnerstrue impact

Matt Harrigan
CEO, Grand Central Tech
“Student debt can be a real barrier for companies trying to recruit the best possible talent. Summer’s ability to reduce employees’ student debt is not only an effective recruiting tool, but it can also improve employee retention by tackling one of their biggest sources of financial strain.”
Josh Shapiro
Pennsylvania Attorney General
"With 1 in 3 Pennsylvanians out of work, every dollar counts. This partnership is a critical step to help thousands of borrowers in need. We are proud to partner with an organization that has their best interest at heart to save real money today and over the long term."
Adam Roseman
CEO, Steady
"Equipping workers with modern tools like Summer to mitigate other financial pain points while working to ease the prospect of navigating uncertain employment waters provides every hourly and gig worker with a fighting chance to improve their financial lives without the added burden of crippling student loan debt."
Alyssa Picard
Director, American Federation of Teachers
"Tens of thousands of our members are using Summer, putting them on track to an average of $180/month and $57,000 in lifetime savings via income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Summer’s team has made launching this tool easy for everyone, and they are quick to collaborate with us on new creative solutions to help our members save money."
100+ Partners and growing
Trusted by leading organizations, state governments, and unions representing millions of borrowers.
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Credit Karma and Summer team up to bring student loan assistance to 22 million members

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