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Companies that trust Summer

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Whether you’re seeking a quick solution to support with PSLF, IDR and saving for education or you want to offer student loan contributions as a benefit, we’ve got you covered.
Summer Save
Student Loan Optimization and College Savings Platform
The only end-to-end student loan and college savings platform guaranteed to reduce attrition by helping employees efficiently lower payments and achieve forgiveness.
$ Gov --> Employee
Summer Boost
Employer Contribution + Tuition Assistance
Seamless solution for providing tax-free contributions to your employees’ education–past, present, or future.
$ Employer --> Employee
Summer Secure
Student Loan Retirement Match
Turn-key solution for rewarding your employees’ student loan payments with matching retirement contributions.
$ Employer --> Employee
Implementation in <2 weeks.   Immediate results.   Talk to a Summer Specialist to create a custom program for your team.
See for Yourself

Nicole W.

AFT Member, Ohio
Total Forgiveness
🥳   We helped Nicole submit an updated employment certification form under the new limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver.
"The Summer program has changed my life which means 'CREDIT' score by a whopping 70 points! Five more years of stress have been eliminated with the PSLF waiver! I am forever grateful, I have GREAT CREDIT now! Didn’t really see paying $145K+ off in this lifetime without winning the lottery."
Summer Save
Be an employer of choice. Give your team the most affordable and effective solution for tackling their student debt.
Summer Save equips employees with the tools to achieve financial freedom through government repayment programs such as PSLF and IDR. Coupled with educational resources and on-demand student loan experts, Summer Save delivers meaningful impact, saving employees an average of $278 monthly while improving retention by 20%.
employee dashboard
For Companies
  • Employer ROI Dashboard
  • 20% Reduced Turnover
  • 2 Weeks or Less to Implement
  • 35% Higher Adoption Rate than other voluntary benefits
  • 2 Weeks or Less to Implement
  • Automated & Digital Form Submission
  • No Census Files Required
  • $40k in Proven Savings
For Employees
  • Average of $40k in Savings
  • Savings in under 10 minutes
  • 95% Program Acceptance Rate
  • 360 Degree Financial View
  • Personalized Path to Forgiveness/Repayment.             
  • Real-time Policy Updates
  • College and Tuition Planning
  • On-Demand Student Loan Experts
  • Financial Literacy Resources
Implementing Summer Save is equivalent to a 6% raise for 30% of your borrower population.
Meet Vivian. 
She earns $90,000/year
Her monthly take home pay is:
Vivian saves her $342/month. Now her new take home pay is:
That’s equivalent to a pay raise!
Want us to calculate that for you?
Show me the Savings!
Summer Boost
Give your team the boost they need to quickly reach a $0 balance, tax-free.
Summer Boost makes it simple to offer a custom student loan contribution and tuition assistance benefit that is guaranteed to improve recruitment and retention. Complete with a centralized hub to track and manage requests effortlessly.
Save More with a Tax-Free Benefit

Reduce turnover and attract next-gen talent by providing tax-free contributions to your employees' education–past, present, or future.

Boost Efficiency &

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets. Summer Boost allows you to track, manage, and approve requests in one seamless dashboard.

Gain Insights with Comprehensive Reporting

Track payments and activity to gain a deeper understanding of your program success and see how meaningful even small-dollar contributions can be.

Invest in your team and your company’s future, tax-free.
Build your Program
Summer Secure
Secure your talent with the #1 requested benefit of 2024.
Under the new Secure 2.0 Act, employees can now pay off student loan debt without missing out on your company's retirement match. Summer partners with plan sponsors and 401(k) record keepers to deliver Summer Secure, a seamless Student Loan Retirement Match experience assured to increase 401(k) participation.
Utilize Preallocated Funds

Under the Secure 2.0 Act, employers can utilize preallocated retirement funds to match employees student loan contributions. A win-win for everyone!

Boost 401(k)

By helping employees prioritize paying off student debt, you enable them to get back on track to saving for retirement faster.

Enhance Equity, 
Inclusion, & Belonging

Level the playing field and increase loyalty by giving borrowers a 401(k) match when then make student loan payments.

Be one of the first to offer the most sought-after employee benefit of 2024.

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