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2024 will be a landmark year for student loans. Discover the potential of an end-to-end student loan assistance platform tailored for your organization. Complete the form below to understand the benefits this solution offers your HR team and employees.

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Now that student loan payments have resumed,  student loan assistance is one of the most sought after benefits. Complete the form to understand just how impactful an automated, secure platform can be for your organization.

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Our experts will follow up to schedule an ROI session to dive into details and answer any questions you may have.

ROI Results
67 employees
reduction in annual employee turnover
annual savings due to reduction in turnover
cost to offer Summer to employees
25X Employer ROI
In the frst 12-months, derived from $2.01M in savings each year
1680 employees
will use and benefit from Summer each year
equivalent to a 15.8% pay rise for the 1,680 employees
Zero $
no charge for employees
Overall ROI
Includes employer and $22.4M of annual savings for 1,680 employees
What happens next?

Our experts will follow up to schedule an optional session to dive into your ROI details. Our team is also here as a resource for implementation questions.

Savings calculations are based on the average Summer user's IDR savings of $45,000, and student loan debt population by industry is based census data from the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

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